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Phone Service

A new customer of OFM Telephone Company can sign up online or if you prefer, you may call our Business Office at (660) 446-3391, Monday through Friday, from 8:00am to 5:00pm. One of our Service Representatives will be glad to help you and answer any questions you may have.

Our Rates Basic Local Service - $16.00

OFM provides affordable rates for residents.

Feature Residential Monthly Rates Per Line
  • Automatic Call Back $3.00
  • Automatic Recall $3.00
  • Call Waiting $2.50
  • Call Forwarding $3.00
  • Caller ID $7.00
  • Speed Dial $2.00
  • Distinctive Ringing $3.00
  • Selective Call Acceptance $3.00
  • Selective Call Forwarding $3.00
  • Selective Call Rejection $3.00
  • Three-Way Calling $2.50
  • Voicemail $4.00
Long Distance Service Price
  • OFM Flat Rate $0.15 per minute

Same rate for in or out of state calls. No lock in contracts. Calling Cards available.

  • Calling Card Rates Per call surcharge 50¢ and rate of 25¢ minute.

Toll Free Numbers and Rates

  • set up charge (Tariff 5.3.1.C) $7.00
  • Monthly No Charge
  • Low per minute rate $0.20

It is great to have a toll free number to give to your business associates or family members and friends. Toll free numbers are those telephone numbers that start with prefixes such as 800, 888 or 877. The person who owns the toll free number pays for the call.

Call Oregon Farmers Mutual Telephone Company at (660) 446-3391 or email for your toll free number.

Wiring And Equipment Options

The Telephone Company provides and maintains service up to your demarcation point, which is the point of physical interconnection (connecting block, terminal strip, jack, protector, or telephone network interface device) between the telephone network and your premises wiring. Inside wiring includes all wire or cable located on your side of the demarcation point.

Non-published or Non-listed telephone number service is a directory option provided to hearing/speech-impaired persons at no charge. In addition, the option of a special notation by the customer’s name in the directory indicating TTY or TTY+ Voice capability can be provided at no charge.